Our Market

We offer innovative solutions for consumers and profitable opportunities for partners

Along with our consumer-facing subsidiary, Affirm Financial Services, Canaccede Financial Group has grown to become an important and respected player in the near-prime and sub-prime consumer marketplace.

With almost $2 billion in continually growing assets under management combined with an industry leading team; our innovative financial solutions offer consumers an exciting new alternative. We're able to deliver immediate and profitable solutions to the holders of debt portfolios.

Affirm Financial

Through our sister company Affirm Financial, we’re helping Canadians reestablish their credit. In fact, 7 out of 10 of our customers have already improved their credit scores since they began doing business with us. We pride ourselves on providing helpful information and product solutions through our experienced team of Lending Specialists. Our strength on the consumer side of the market opens up dramatic growth possibilities far beyond what could be achieved solely by acquiring debt portfolios.