InsolvencySTREAM Servicing Solution helps your organization manage risk and cost. The secure system provides an advanced infrastructure that allows for live operational management.


Servicing Solution Benefits

InsolvencySTREAM has extensive experience in the insolvency processing and management industry, across numerous asset classes. The Servicing Solution runs on a cloud-based platform that optimizes the exchange of data and documents between trustees and creditors.

The user-friendly interface allows creditors to easily view and send documents, track payments and customize reports. This gives your organization the ability to adapt your existing protocols and integrate across multiple platforms.

In addition the Servicing solution helps build a positive reputation with trustees and protects your brand.

Servicing solution benefits include:

Servicing Solution
Reallocate resources to focus on higher margin activities and growth areas for your core operations.


Canaccede is Canada’s largest multi-asset receivables acquirer and servicer, with extensive experience managing assets in a wide spectrum of delinquency levels requiring differing realization strategies. With offices in Toronto and London (Ontario), the company manages over $4 billion in receivables across more than 600,000 Canadian accounts.

Canaccede is an active manager of its accounts, not simply an investor. This means we have a vested interest in optimizing the value from accounts and maintaining a positive market reputation with the insolvency community. Canaccede can blend the returns from servicing and purchasing, limit unnecessary operational burdens, and optimize the servicing accounts for enterprise level benefit without the constraint of marginal servicing fee return.

Partnering with Canaccede offers the peace of mind of working with the largest and most experienced receivables buyer in Canada.



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Servicing Solution Capabilities

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