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Canaccede Financial Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries are Canadian industry leaders in specialized investment and financial services products. Through our acquisition entities and our managing and servicing entity, Canaccede International Management Ltd., we have been working with industry leading lenders and financial institutions in the acquisition and servicing of performing, insolvent and distressed receivables since 2008, and we are the largest multi-asset acquirer in the Canadian market.

We strive to guide and support our Canadian customers to settle their debt obligations easily and affordably. Providing flexible payback solutions that work, helping them improve their credit and gain confidence in themselves and their future financial opportunity. We have helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians manage their debt.

As an industry leader, we provide scale and expertise and are among the most efficient legal purchasers and servicers in Canada. In less than eight years, Canaccede has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire receivables and is one of the largest consumer finance investment firms in the Canadian marketplace.

Canaccede Diamond: 4 Key Success Factors of How We Create Value Every Day.


We are committed to taking a strong partnership approach by working directly with business leaders across industries and institutions managing receivables with excellence. We work in collaboration to seek out and to better understand their needs and challenges, sharing best practice and finding new ways to create innovative solutions.

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Our suite of managed services and custom late-stage debt recovery solutions create new consumer demand opportunities while managing debt obligations and reputation. Learn more about our services. Take advantage of our managed services and purchasing solutions experience.

Industry Insights from an Industry leader

Canaccede is a leading provider of debt and insolvency purchasing and servicing solutions for institutional accounts receivables in Canada. Explore our ever-growing resource library to discover our industry insights and how we approach best practice solutions across industries.