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Who is Canaccede?

Canaccede is one of Canada's largest and most experienced purchasers of consumer receivables from financial institutions. We work with our customers to determine a more suitable - and often more flexible - payback schedule. In fact, by working with our customers on plans that consider their unique needs and circumstances, we've helped over 750,000 Canadians manage their debt.

Why does Canaccede buy debt?

Canaccede purchases debt to assist in resolving debt obligations in a convenient and helpful way. Our purpose is to work with consumers to restructure their debts and help them achieve financial stability through mutual cooperation.

When Canaccede is Involved, are they now the creditor/owner of my account?

Yes. When an account is purchased all the ownership and contact details for these accounts are transferred to Canaccede.

Our Services

Our suite of managed services and custom late-stage debt recovery solutions create new consumer demand opportunities while managing debt obligations and reputation. Learn more about our services. Take advantage of our managed services and purchasing solutions experience.

Industry Insights from an Industry leader

Canaccede is a leading provider of debt and insolvency purchasing and servicing solutions for institutional accounts receivables in Canada. Explore our ever-growing resource library to discover our industry insights and how we approach best practice solutions across industries.